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The retreat was immediately disrupted by Cheyenne attacks at close quarters. Reno let the words trail into the air as he once again searched for the rest of the command and Custer. His mind raced with images of the general marching the Indians to the reservation himself and telling those in Washington that he was to be credited with the successful mission.

Around him the camp grew quieter until the only sounds were those of the horses and mules noisily chewing the dry Montana grass. The Lakotas were here without consent from the local Crow tribe, which had treaty on the area.

Graduating from West Point infive years before Custer, he was commissioned Colonel of the 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry in The horse holders attempted with little success to secure the panicked steeds.

Smoke filled the air and hung thick on the already warm morning. The same wherever we go. From what he could tell, most of the men lay in clusters of two or three. Several more shots followed from the Sioux vantage point.

Battle of the Little Bighorn

His eyes were wide and his breathing heavy. With Reno's men anchored on their right by the impassable tree line and bend in the river, the Indians rode hard against the exposed left end of Reno's line.

The clear waters of the Little Bighorn glistened in the sunlight and the major squinted his eyes.

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The men continued to shoot at the enemy who would stand up long enough to attract the attention of the troopers. The command cannot likely survive another day entrenched upon this hill.

Reno ran his fingers down his moustache then pounded his fist into his thigh. In public the two simply regarded one another as congenially as necessary. He stood taller than Reno, and tufts of his gray hair stuck out from under his hat. He only turned his eyes in the direction from which the shot was fired and aimed his own pistol.

Reno thought his heart would beat out of his chest. All I know is we're here and he's off somewhere probably bringing in the reward all by himself. Reno thought angrily to himself. To his left, was a series of high bluffs from which it would be easy to detect any crawling Indians.

A smaller detachment soon followed. The only trees visible in any direction were those along the river. His heart raced and his throat was dry. He was supposed to support my advance on the village, and where is he? Plus, it will give Custer time.

The last two companies entered the defensive position, bringing with them a shower of lead. The general would hear nothing of this and warned the Ree and Crow Indians. The tepees in that area were occupied by the Hunkpapa Sioux. Reno's hasty retreat may have been precipitated by the death of Reno's Arikara scout Bloody Knifewho had been shot in the head as he sat on his horse next to Reno, his blood and brains splattering the side of Reno's face.

He could hear the men behind him and hoped to God that everyone made it out of the timber. Those savages are shooting my men off their saddles.

The river now turned right in an easterly direction, cutting through the earth and running just below a series of high bluffs. Reno watched as the two spoke and then headed in the direction of a gathering of troopers. The trooper who had laid his rifle down was struck in the side of the head as he bent forward to secure his gun.Personal finance news and advice from Saving, spending, investing, retirement, careers, real estate, freebies, deals, tech, and healthcare.

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Best place to meet single women in reno
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