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Unfortunately the ages of prisoners are not recorded until for the Home District gaol. Catharines jail register recorded the name of the prisoner, age, nativity, trade or occupation, residence, religion, single or married, education, moral habits, ie temperate or intemperate, the date of committal, the offence, authority committing, sentence, date of discharge, authority discharging, number of times punished in gaol, number of times committed, and general remarks.

I found out that over the previous nine months she had squirrelled the savings out of her account into her mother's and brother's accounts. He earns a bit more than me, and he's got more disposable income, so if he wants to buy something and I'm all, "Oh, I don't really want to buy that", we'll both use it but he pays for it.

I've had to struggle to get money. Owen Sound is the county seat of Grey County, and in the 19th century was a lively port on Georgian Bay.

Both of us probably think we pay the bigger share, but I don't actually know who does. The Brampton Jail served both York and Peel counties.

There's no system at all.

It was always in the arrangement that we would spend my money and she would save hers, putting away for the likelihood of family and a deposit on a house. Many of the prisoners were repeat drunks, prostitutes and vagrants.

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These include name, age, date prisoner committed, by whom prisoner committed, debtor or criminal offence, crime, white or Negro, height, complexion, eye colour, hair colour, occupation, birthplace, marital status, children, education, sentence, conduct in jail, temperate or intemperate, time of residence in Canada, and when discharged.

It doesn't matter, but it helps him feel I'm aware that he's grateful. These District or County Jails received their inmates from fairly large geographical regions.

We worked out a system. The jail register recorded the name of the prisoner, age, nativity, crime, education, by whom committed, number of times committed, date of conviction, sentence, date of discharge, conduct in jail, married or single, and temperate or intemperate.

I carry a very small purse: Catharines Jail housed Lincoln County prisoners. The house belongs to me. The Windsor Gaol was located in Essex County. I have confronted her — she just sneers and walks off.Although I have titled this site as the Upper Canada (Ontario) criminal database, it should be kept in mind that many of these prisoners were not really serious 'criminals'.

'My husband would treat me to a pair of shoes if I were neglecting myself' Anna, 36, is a part-time copywriter, earning £6, Her husband Mark, 37, earns £26, as a project manager.

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Sarah.44 single dating
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